Tuition Contract and Fees

Parish Registration and Church Support

The school is operated by Saint John Vianney Parish as an investment in the Catholic education of our young people. Each student is charged a tuition rate we believe is competitive and reasonable for the education the school offers. Through the generosity of many in the parish, school families that are active, registered parish members benefit from a significant tuition reduction, a subsidy that approaches nearly half of the cost of tuition.

Thus, there is a significant gap between the cost to operate the school and tuition charged. The parish subsidizes the cost and provides a tuition reduction to active parish members. Qualifying for the tuition reduction comes with the expectation that each family is an engaged and active member of Saint John Vianney Parish. Along with, minimally, regular Sunday Mass attendance and a commitment to ministerial service, active membership includes each family participating in narrowing the financial gap through consistent giving in stewardship. Every family is required to annually complete and return in a prayerful and generous way the stewardship commitment form for ministerial and financial giving during the autumn stewardship campaign. The hope is that every school family strives to close the financial gap. Some are able to contribute to the entire gap and even help close the gap for others. Some are only able to cover a portion of the gap.  In any case, only generosity is asked for.

This voluntary giving, in addition to tuition, is vitally important. Giving at the maximum level possible through stewardship to the parish in a planned, proportionate, and sacrificial way is how we give a return to God from the many gifts we have in life, all of which find their source first in this same God. This additional giving of time and resources is necessary for the parish to continue to operate the school.