Tiger Scouts

Bobcat Patch EmblemTiger Scout Emblem Patch

Scouts are working to earn two badges: Bobcat and the Tiger Cub badges. The Bobcat badge is generally earned at the September and November den meetings. The Tiger Cub badge we will work on all year to be awarded at the April pack meeting.

To earn the Tiger Cub badge, the boys must complete 5 achievements as noted in the Tiger Cub handbook:

  1. Family
  2. Where I Live
  3. Healthy and Safety
  4. Communication
  5. Outdoors


Each of the five achievements has 3 parts:

  1. Family Activity = F
  2. Den Activity = D
  3. Go See It Activity = G


The achievements can be completed in any order.  At the den meetings, we will cover all of the D (Den Activities) and G (Go See It) requirements.  The F (Family Activities) requirements must be completed at home.  They are very simple, and reminders will be sent home to complete the activities before or after a meeting.

Beads are awarded for completion of achievement parts per the Tiger Cub Handbook and worn on the belt totem. It is our experience that many boys find the beads annoying and would rather not wear them. We will gather input on the distribution or non-distribution of beads at the September meeting.

  1. White Beads = Family Activity
  2. Orange Beads = Den Activity
  3. Black Beads = Go See It Activity