“St. John Vianney is a school community that is helping my children grow in a caring yet academically challenging environment. The extra curricular activities are plentiful. The parents and students are a pleasure.

If you are thinking about changing schools you must call the Principal and tour St. John Vianney school.”
~Harley T. Brookfield, Wisconsin


“I am a current St. John Vianney school family, 3 of my children are enrolled and 1 has graduated. It provides an enriching, challenging, safe, and secure environment for my children. They receive excellent academic instruction with numerous extracurricular opportunities in fine arts and sports. I particularly appreciate the professional instruction in art, music, and, spanish that is missing in many schools.

The sense of community is another reason why we love SJV. There are many opportunities for parents to get involved and meet new people. We have always felt very welcome.

“My husband and I are committed to a Catholic education and all it has to offer. St. John Vianney is an excellent example of that, we would not have chosen a different school for our children.”
~Kim T., Brookfield, Wisconsin


“As parents with young children, we knew SJV School would be the right choice to teach the religious values we find important. But SJV School has been so much more. From meeting new parents, to volunteering to help in the classroom, to interacting with the talented school staff, we have become more connected to our community, both personally and spiritually.”
~Nathan E., Brookfield, Wisconsin


“We love the school as a whole. Education, Community, and Experience. Our two girls have so many opportunities available to them, especially early spanish and weekly art and music classes. You can see that the teachers are not only trying to give children a great education, but also trying to help each child be a great person. Best decision we ever made!”
~Fred K., Brookfield, Wisconsin


“St. John Vianney school offers an excellent academic education and is surrounded by a wonderful faith based community. From the administration, to the teachers, to the dedicated parents, the value of having your child in this type of environment is priceless.”
~Heather K., Brookfield, Wisconsin


“We are so pleased to have our four children at St. John Vianney Parish School. We have moved around a bit and were at two other Catholic schools before SJV. This school tops the others easily. The dedication of the teachers is impressive and results in a top notch academic program. My kids love the sports and music opportunities; and I love the social community among the parents. And our Catholic faith is the center of it all. I hope we don’t have to move anymore because this is definitely where we belong.”
Karen P., Brookfield, Wisconsin


“St. John Vianney was and still is a Great School. You will not get a better education.

Values – Discipline – Athletics and Fun! You will love what you get and you will always be a Shamrock!”
~Joe R., Class of 1974, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin