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“Fundraising while you shop”.  The days of going door-to-door selling wrapping paper, cookie dough, and coupon books are behind you. Scrip turns everyday shopping into fundraising for St. John Vianney just by paying with a gift card.

Instead of paying cash or using credit/debit cards, purchase Scrip cards (gift cards) and use them for your regular household expenses, for vacations, and traveling.  Select from a wide variety of restaurants, gas stations, hotels, department stores, movie theatres and specialty stores.  When family and friends take advantage of the scrip program, SJV earns profit!

Here’s how it works.  Scrip is a national gift certificate fundraising program.  Consumers purchase gift cards at face value through the scrip program but will earn an immediate rebate percentage for SJV that’s typically between 3% and 15% depending on the retailer.  Then the consumer will use that gift card on their normal purchases.  No extra money was spent!  It’s fundraising while you shop!  For example:  A Pick N Save card valued at $100 has a 4% donation rate.  When this card is purchased through SCRIP, $4 is donated to SJV.  When this gift card is redeemed at a Pick N Save store, the value of received merchandise is $100.


  • To view all of the vendors available through the SCRIP program, visit the Great Lakes Scrip Center website.

    There are 2 easy ways to order SCRIP:

    Paper Orders:

    1. Order forms are located in the parish/school offices or available on the website.
    2. Please fill out form and return with payment to the parish or school office by Monday morning at 8:30.
    3. Cards will be available on the following Thursday at the parish or school office or through your child’s backpack.  Please indicate on the form your delivery method.  Office pickup is preferred.  If you choose to send orders home through your child’s backpack, a Backpack Waiver form must be on file.

    Cards available through paper orders:  plastic gift cards

    Online Orders at www.shopwithscrip.com:

    Set up your user account.

    Two ways to pay: (sorry no credit cards)

    1. Pay by check through the school office.  All payments from online orders need to be received in the office by 8:30 AM on Monday for processing that week.  Sorry, we are unable to process orders without payment.
    2. Set up PrestoPay for direct withdrawal from your checking or savings account.  (This is the preferred method).  Follow the prompts to set up PrestoPay after setting up your user account.

    Cards available through online orders:

    1. Plastic gift cards.  These are available the following Thursday at the parish or school office or your child’s backpack.  Office pickup is preferred.  If you choose to send orders home through your child’s backpack, a Backpack Waiver form must be on file.
    2. ScripNow: These are paper cards that you print at home.  If you allow Great Lakes SCRIP to withdraw funds directly from your bank account, you can print the cards almost instantly from home.  If you prefer to pay by check, you would send your check to school on Monday.  We would then release the order on Monday.  Whether you pay by check or PrestoPay, you would get an email saying the cards are ready for you to print.
    3. Reload:  Only works on plastic cards that you have previously purchased through Great Lakes SCRIP.  You register the gift card number and can reload the card.
  • Profits earned from the sale of gift cards are split 50/50 with SCRIP customers.  Participants in the St. John Vianney SCRIP program may choose from four options of how they wish to receive or use their portion of the profit:

    1. School tuition reimbursement for their own family or applied to another school family’s tuition.
    2. Cash rebate check.
    3. Donate to St. John Vianney’s General Fund.
    4. Donate to St. John Vianney’s Home and School Association.

    Participants need to complete the Profit Designation Form and return to St. John Vianney’s parish or school office.

    Example: Using the Pick N Save example, the $100 gift card purchased earns a 4% rebate.  The participant uses the card for the full $100.  The profit earned is $4.00: SJV Home and School Association received $2.00 and the participant designates the remaining $2.00 profit.

For more information regarding the SCRIP program, contact parish member Tanya Baynes, 414-403-0863.