School Supplies

School Supplies for 2020-2021

The Write Stuff is our supplier for boxed school supplies and is available for parents who would like to use this optional service.

Easy Ordering Instructions
Go to the Write Stuff Website
Select grade level
If applicable, select kit within grade level
Enter student name
Follow prompts to check out or continue shopping
Orders placed by June 21 ship to your home or office for FREE. Kits will remain available online until July 15, without promotional pricing, and standard shipping rates will be added to your order. Any questions can be directed to our H&S Committee Member, AnnMarie Hoyme.

If you prefer to shop on your own, please visit the Write Stuff Website to print the list for the grade needed.

Please note: Many grades will need a few additional items such such as backpacks, art smocks, gym shoes, Kleenex, wet wipes, sanitizer, etc. Watch the Weekly Shamrock during the summer for a list of those additional supplies.