School Committee

The Saint John Vianney School Committee is a standing committee of Saint John Vianney Parish which is accountable to Pastoral Council. The School Committee serves as an advisory body to the school administration of Saint John Vianney School on policy matters associated with the educational programs and governance of the school, including long range planning, coordination of the school budget, and advancement and marketing of the school.

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School Committee

2018- 2019 School Committee Members
  • Sara Dwyer, Chair
    John Sloane, Vice-Chair
    Kelly Rauch, Secretary
    Pat Bergin
    Heather Ferber
    Colleen Gilbert
    Karla Schmidt
    Andrew Schmitz
    Aimee Sullivan

    Jamie Zdroik, Pastoral Council Liaison

    Ex-Officio Members

    Associate Pastor
    School Principal
    School Assistant Principal
    Current Home & School Association Chair

  • School Committee meeting minutes are approved and posted to the school website.

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  • The primary responsibilities of school committee are to:
    • Develop and recommend policies for the operation of the School consistent with the policies and directives of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.
    • Assist in the development of long range plans for educational programs of the School.
    • Create, develop and monitor the school budget including the salary scale for faculty and the annual student tuition, and present it to the Administrative Services /  Finance Committee and the Parish Council for approval.
    • Communicate and publicize the educational programs to parents, parishioners and the community.
    • Enlist sources of third party revenue for operation of the School.


    • Advancement Committee operates for the purpose of informing the parish and community of opportunities for enrollment within the school, as well as events and activities being conducted by the school. This committee shall also be responsible for overseeing the Development Committee, whose purpose it is to seek out and apply for third party resource funding of various activities within the school.
    • Finance Committee shall assist and advise school administration in developing the annual budget for the school, annual salary scale adjustments of the school faculty and staff, and the applicable tuition for attending the school. The finance committee chair will, along with school administration, present the annual school budget to the Administrative Services/Finance Committee and Pastoral Council.
    • Long Range Planning Committee shall be responsible for assisting in the periodic evaluation of the school and its programs. Evaluative tools such as surveys of the parents and school staff shall be used for the purpose of identifying areas of improvement in the school and its curriculum.
    • Policy Committee shall assist and advise school administration in the development of school policies, as well as the creation of the parent-student and staff handbooks.