Liturgical Activities

All School Liturgy is on Wednesday (unless otherwise noted) at 8:30 AM. All School Masses will be live streamed this academic year when we have students offsite due to COVID exposure, so that everyone may participate.

Currently the school Masses are attended by all and open to guests. Social distancing and safety measures (masks) are strongly encouraged.

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The following activities are available to enhance children’s Faith life through the joy of music.

  • Mass Servers

    Girls and boys in Grades 6 – 8 are eligible to serve as Altar Servers for Masses. Students in Grades 7 – 8 may be asked to serve for funerals and other Liturgical events during the school day.

    The Mass Servers are managed by the Prayer and Worship at the Parish.

  • Song Leaders

    Students in Grades 3 – 8 are eligible to participate at school Masses as Song Leaders who help lead the congregation in song. Rehearsal for Song Leaders occurs during the school day.

    The Song Leaders are managed by Prayer and Worship at the Parish.