Graduation and Awards

The Graduation School Mass and evening ceremony are planned in coordination with the pastor, Liturgy department, middle school staff and school administration. Graduation related events, activities and tasks such as the video, breakfast, memory book, dance, etcetera are organized by the parents in collaboration with the school administration.


Graduates are recognized annually for their accomplishments during their careers at SJV.

► President’s Award for Educational Excellence >>

► The Father Lipscomb Award >>

► Marian Award >>

► Ann Evanich Jaeger Memorial Scholarship for Positive Leadership and Spiritual Influence >>

► Faithful Citizenship Award >>

► John E. Sandstrom Award Memorial Scholarship >>

► Kloza Athletic Achievement Award >>

► All Sport Award >>

President’s Award for Educational Excellence
The Presidential Academic Achievement Award is given to graduates who meet the following requirements:

  • The student must score at least at the 85th percentile or higher in Math or Reading on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills given in seventh grade
  • The student must average a 3.5 on a four-point scale for four quarters of sixth and seventh grade and the first three quarters of eighth grade
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The Father Lipscomb Award
The students receiving this graduation award should meet the following criteria:

  • The student recipient images Christ in his or her daily interaction with others.
  • The student recipient is a good example and model for classmates
  • The student recipient displays these traits on a consistent basis: Leadership, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Courtesy, Kindness, is Involved in school and parish activities, and has a Good Academic Record

The Home and School Association provides a $250 cash scholarship for recipients of this award. The names of the recipients will also be engraved on the plaque which hangs in the Father Lipscomb Memorial School Library.

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Marian Award
Recipients of the Marian Award are recognized at the annual May Crowning and Marian Devotion — a prayer service encouraging spiritual devotion to the Blessed Mother.  There is one male and one female recipient. They each receive a rosary at graduation.

Criteria: These ten evangelical virtues are not only object of prayer, more importantly, they present us with a program of virtuous life, which is that of Mary as she appears to us in the Bible.

The Ten Evangelical Virtues are as follows:

  1. Most Pure (Matthew 1:18, 20, 23; Luke 1:24,34)
    The student recipient should exhibit a strong sense of their faith.
  2. Most Prudent (Luke 2:19, 51)
    The student recipient should consistently exercise good judgment among peers, within the school and parish setting.
  3. Most Humble (Luke 1:48)
    The student recipient should possess leadership qualities without a need for a leading role or title.
  4. Most Faithful (Luke 1:45; John 2:5)
    The student recipient should be trust-worthy.
  5. Most Devout (Luke 1:46-47; Acts 1:14)
    The student recipient should regularly practice their faith, not only by attending Mass, but by their willingness to become involved in the liturgy, through choir, acolyte, reading or liturgy planning.
  6. Most Obedient (Luke 1:38, 2:21-22;27)
    The student recipient should consistently follow the rules set forth in our school.
  7. Most Poor (Luke 2:7)
    The student recipient should have provided volunteer services to the poor during their tenure at SJV.
  8. Most Patient (John 19:25)
    The student recipient should exhibit the ability to persevere, particularly during their final weeks at SJV.
  9. Most Merciful (Luke 1:39, 56)
    The student recipient should be compassionate and exhibit the ability to be forgiving.
  10. Most Sorrowful (Luke 2:35)
    The student recipient should have an understanding of personal responsibility.
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Ann Evanich Jaeger Memorial Scholarship for Positive Leadership and Spiritual Influence
To commemorate the positive leadership and spiritual influence of Mrs. Ann Evanich Jaeger, faithful, beloved teacher of Saint John Vianney School from 1977 to 1998, the Evanich Family will provide a $500 scholarship to the graduating eighth grade student who best demonstrates a positive attitude, manifests spirituality and practices service to others. The winner of this award is an individual centered in Christ and demonstrates outstanding kindness and service to others.

To determine who shall receive this award, the following criteria should be considered:

Positive Attitude: The student recipient consistently practices optimism, friendliness, courtesy, and kindness

Manifests Spirituality: The student recipient shows reverence for others, and for all that God has created. This person is prayerful, sincere, and attends liturgy on a regular basis

Service to Others: The student recipient is helpful to all, willing to go beyond requirements, and is a willing volunteer to those in need

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Faithful Citizenship Award
A lapel pin and certificate is given to a student who displays the attitude, skills, and knowledge required of a good citizen. This student:

  • Participates in school and/ or community service
  • Shows a positive attitude toward classmates, school, and community
  • Displays an understanding and appreciation of civic responsibility
  • Possesses strength of character and the courage to do what is right
  • Promotes citizenship
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John E. Sandstrom Award Memorial Scholarship
To commemorate the John E. Sandstrom standard of excellence set forth at Saint John Vianney grade school, an award and $1000 scholarship will be presented to the graduating eighth grade athlete who best demonstrated excellence in attitude, leadership, work ethic, athletic participation, and athletic achievement. The winner of this award is the type of person that John Sandstrom would have selected as captain of his own team. In determining who shall receive the John E. Sandstrom Memorial Scholarship Award, the following criteria should be considered.

Attitude: A positive and cooperative attitude should be consistently displayed by the athlete. In winning or losing, the nominee should always act like a champion.

Leadership: Being a team leader, the type of person that the other players respect is an important consideration in the selection process. The athlete should lead by example and possess the qualities of a team captain.

Work Ethic: The nominee should display the work ethic of a true competitor. The individual should give one hundred percent in practice and in games. Showing dedication, by training and practicing outside of normal practice times should also be considered.

Participation and Achievement: Athletic success and overall team participation need to be considered. This athlete should excel in multiple sports at Saint John Vianney School.

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Kloza Athletic Achievement Award
The Kloza Athletic Achievement Award is presented each year to one eighth grade female athlete and one eighth grade male athlete who best exemplify the attitude and personal characteristics consistent with the goals of the Saint John Vianney Athletic program — leadership, Christian attitude and “coachability.” The award is named after Tom Kloza, a former SJV teacher and athletic director, whose extraordinary effort, hard work and exemplary attitude set an example for our athletic program.

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All Sport Award
The  “All Sport” award is given to eigth graders who have participated in three sports per year, every year, in grades 5 through 8. They must have played volleyball and basketball, and have participated in EITHER track or tennis.

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