Mr. Scott Paukner
ext. 1155


Participation is open to students in grades 4 through 8. Band is a year-long commitment but fees are collected in two installments – September & January – to ease the financial burden. Other incidental costs during the school year include the purchase of replacement reeds and/or instrument care products, participation in a judged Contest Festival where medals are awarded, and taking a school-sponsored field trip to hear the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.


Instruction is available on the following list of instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone horn, & percussion. Percussion instruction covers a combination of battery and mallet instruments, starting with snare drum & bells (glockenspiel). for beginners. Parents/guardians are responsible for securing their young musician an instrument. Family-owned instruments must be taken to a music technician yearly for cleaning & adjustment. Instrument rental is available through your local music store. SJV has a relationship with and recommends White House of Music in Waukesha.


Each member of the band program receives a weekly individual 20-minute lesson, using Essential Elements as their primary method of instruction. Since lessons take place during the school day, students are responsible for working with the teacher to get caught up on any missed work or notes that may have been presented while they were not in class. Make-up lessons are scheduled for excused absences.


Each participant controls how quickly they progress in their playing proficiency by how much time they practice away from SJV. Students discover which of their band-mates include more practice time into their “homework” routine by how much further they are progressing in their lesson book and how much more quickly they are mastering their parts on full ensemble pieces.


All returning band members rehearse together from the start of the school year. Beginners meet after school on a separate day, learning how to play together.


Various opportunities connected to the school and parish take place throughout the year.