Virtual Learning Information

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Google Classroom: All assignments will be posted in google classroom by 8:00am each morning, beginning Wednesday, March 18th. We are giving our teachers until Wednesday to officially engage students with learning activities. Though some have already sent out various assignments, we thank you for your patience in allowing our teachers to familiarize themselves with the tools necessary to bring virtual learning to life for our students. All students will be expected to engage in their coursework beginning on Wednesday. Codes to access your child’s google classroom will be sent out by admin on Tuesday (some teachers have already sent out these codes).
Scheduling your student’s day: Students will not be expected to follow their regular time schedule of classes. Instead, our focus will be on flexibility and ensuring students meet teacher identified deadlines.It is important to recognize that this is not a “break” from school. The school building is closed, but we are still in session and all students will be expected to meet learning expectations. Assessments and student work will continue to be graded and entered into the PowerSchool gradebook.

Virtual Office Hours: SJV staff will be available, starting on Wednesday, from 10:00am to 12:00pm, with virtual office hours. They will be available and checking their e-mail during that time to respond to any immediate needs or questions our families may have. Families are welcome to send inquiries at other times, though the response may not be as immediate.

Virtual Learning Student/Parent Contract: Virtual learning is a new experience for our students that is quite different from typical classroom instruction. We therefore have developed a set of expectations that will help our students to be successful while learning from home. Click this link for the Virtual Learning Contract. Read it, then click this link for a google form to verify your understanding and willingness to follow the contract.

Virtual Faith Formation: We will be sending out a message each day. Use the reflection question for your child’s faith journal. And please, submit petitions that will be included in the following day’s morning message.