SJV is Recommended for Accreditation!

There are many reasons to celebrate SJV! Today, we have yet another opportunity to be proud of our excellent school. Recently we received the results of our Accreditation Site Visit. Earlier this school year, after the Visiting Team’s school evaluation on October 19th and 20th, we were immediately informed that we would be recommended for Accreditation. Now we have the final results of the Visiting Team evaluation, and they are worth celebrating!

73 Benchmarks
All Achieved or Exceeded!


73 benchmarks were evaluated. Our result. We met or exceeded all 73 benchmarks. The visiting team had multiple commendations and no recommendations for improvement. A few highlights of the Visiting Team’s commendations:



·     …its extensive use of mission-related ideas and topics throughout the school. Virtue classes, resolution practices, signage, and lesson foci are easily seen throughout the facilities and materials.

·     …fostering problem solving and critical thinking skills through project-based and 21st century learning opportunities.

·     …that religion classes are an important part of the curriculum and daily life at SJV.

·     …using the data from formative and summative assessments to continually improve or analyze our curriculum in all content levels.

·     …their ability to offer a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students inside and outside of the classroom (fine arts programming, electives, sports, clubs, etc.).

·     …the connection between parish and school to provide various opportunities and orientations to assist parents with their role as the primary educators of faith in their children’s lives.

·     …our classroom instruction addressing the needs and capabilities of each student.  Instruction is designed to motivate and engage all learners.  Our teachers use small group or individual time with students to vary instruction. Lesson plans provide evidence of differentiation.

·     …being a one-to-one school in grades K5-8th grade, our students use Chromebooks and iPads daily to demonstrate growth in reading, writing, inquiry, speech and in the various content courses and electives offered at SJV.

·     …having teachers and students collaborate in small groups or one-on-one to set learner goals that encourage preservation, risk-taking, and initiative.

·     …the VBRD Program–It is integral to the faith formation of students.

·     …demonstrating continuous improvement, knowledge, and skills necessary for effective instruction and modeling of Gospel values.

·     …teachers fostering problem solving and critical thinking skills through project-based and 21st century learning opportunities. Through these opportunities, students collaborate to solve real-world problems such as hunger, pollution, motivation, and discrimination to name a few.


Please thank an SJV staff member, a teacher, our parent leaders, and our parish leadership team who make SJV the truly remarkable school that it is! Thank them for their daily commitment to excellence. Thank them for putting kids first. Thank them also for the countless hours invested into gathering evidence to support our achievement of these 73 benchmarks. Thank you SJV school families for trusting us with your children!

Celebrate with us!

Brian Shimon