Family Formation Program

All parishioners, including school families, Christian Formation families, and families without children are invited to participate in three family formation sessions this school year. At least one parent of Christian Formation and school families must attend with their children or youth.

These sessions are designed to fortify us “to act justly, to love steadfastly, and to walk humbly with God” (Micah 6:8). The first session can be attended either on Wednesday, September 14, 6-7:55 PM OR on Sunday, September 18, 9-10:55 AM.

The three sessions will take place on days when children are already scheduled to be in Christian Formation (CF) class, but the meeting times will change slightly. These slightly extended times will give us the opportunity to make your life a little easier and more pleasant by providing at no cost to you catered dinners or breakfasts both for you and your family and for the others in the program.

Registration Form

Following the meal, the children and youth will attend catechesis. The adults listen to a presenter provide resources from our religious heritage and from critically accepted and time-tested social scientific discoveries, which our faith embraces. These perspectives strengthen our abilities, and those of our families, to live faithfully and ethically even when it is difficult to do so and to be more lovingly present to those who need us. Questions applying the perspectives to daily life allow adults to engage in small group discussions with those at their table, sharing their collective experiences and wisdom on how to brace their families for wise and loving lives. Studies and quite a bit of anecdotal data suggest that when adults take an active role in ongoing Christian formation, then their children and youth also display a greater commitment to this endeavor.

Like the current formation program, these sessions will be available twice in a week, on Wednesday evenings from 6-7:55 PM or on Sundays from 9-10:55 AM. The slightly longer session times will give us the opportunity to accommodate a comfortable family meal. See the attached registration form for registration for Session 3 – April 26 or April 30, 2017.

We look forward to seeing you there, to establishing friendships, and to sharing resources and mutual perspectives in our conversations for the sake of the religious and moral growth in us through which God transforms the world.