Why is your will important?

Your will is a way to be sure all of your property will go to family, relatives, friends, and organizations you care about most. Without a will, the state will decide who gets what, without consulting anyone or considering the special needs and financial circumstances of your particular situation. Also, your will lets you choose an executor who is capable of settling your estate.

Are there tax advantages to having a will?

Yes. Even though the unlimited marital deduction eliminates estate taxes when your estate passes to a surviving spouse, that’s not the solution for other survivors. You can take full advantage of estate tax savings by creating trusts through your will.

How can I set up a will that benefits the most people?

We recommend that you obtain the professional counsel of a lawyer who specializes in probate and estate planning. If you are considering a gift to Saint John Vianney, we advise you to consult your legal advisor to design the best plan for your wishes, financial circumstances, and tax concerns.

How to remember Saint John Vianney in your will

Over the years, bequests will come from parishioners and friends who want to strengthen and enhance Saint John Vianney’s mission. A bequest may be made by preparing a new will or by adding a codicil (legal document that amends your will) to your present will.

While you should consult with your legal adviser to make such changes, we have provided the following language as a guide.

Sample Bequest Language

I give and bequeath to Saint John Vianney,
a not-for-profit corporation located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, the sum of
____________ Dollars or
____________ (a specific asset) or
____________ % of the remainder of my estate,
to be used for general purposes.