Technology Committee

The Technology Committee, under the auspices of the Finance Council, advises and supports the parish and school on technology related issues. The committee reviews and recommends technical advancements.

  • Technology Committee meeting minutes are approved and posted to the website.

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  • The Technology Committee advises and supports the parish and school on information technology related issues.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Plan for short-term and long-term technical advancements that will help advance the ministries of the parish and school.
    • Recommend hardware, software, IT services and network support items to be purchased excluding materials needed for day-to-day operations.
      Examples of excluded items include: printer/toner cartridges, paper, ink.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the parish / school website. Also monitor the on-going administrative and development needs of the website.
    • Advise on policies and procedures associated with the use and maintenance of all information technology related systems and equipment.
    • Determine budget priorities in the areas of the Committee’s responsibilities and make recommendations to the Finance Council.
    • Assist other parish committees with information technology-related issues as necessary.
    • Provide timely minutes of meetings accessible to the parish at large.
    • Update and submit the committee’s SJV Strategic Action Plan to the Finance Council as required each year.
    • Assist in the recruiting of new members and provide for their orientation to the Committee.
  • Membership on the committee is open to parish members. Contact the chair of the committee for more information. Technology Committee generally meets once a month on the third (3rd) Tuesday at 6:00 pm. (Please consult the parish calendar to confirm date and room location).

    Members of the 2019–2020 Technology Committee are:

    Dan Hubler, Chair
    Joanie Rueth, Secretary
    Steve Boettcher, Vice Chair
    Jim Luther
    Dave Meyers
    Mike Post
    Andy Stemper, Parish and School IT / Technology Teacher

    Ex officio Members

    Director of Administrative Services
    School Principal
    School Technology Teacher
    Finance Council Appointee
    Website Administrator