5 Standing Committees

Saint John Vianney is blessed to be led by numerous volunteers who dedicate themselves through 5 Standing Committees of the Pastoral Council. These groups guide all Parish activities and goals for the year. Each standing committee may have 1 or more sub-committees to help assist with these goals.

  • Formation Committee

    Christian Formation is a leadership group of parish members, chosen through discernment, who together with the pastor guide the direction of Christian Formation for adults, teens and parish youth. Christian Formation is a consultative body commissioned to provide counsel. The focus of Christian Formation is on mission, not management.

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  • Human Concerns Committee

    The Human Concerns Committee acts as the outreach, service and social justice arm of the parish. It discerns needs within the parish community and outside world and identifies resources to meet those needs by enlisting the active cooperation of parish members. This committee helps to fulfill the justice dimensions of scripture and our church tradition acknowledging that every Christian is called to service and to work for justice.

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  • Worship Committee

    The Prayer and Worship Committee is a forum where programs, resources and services for community worship and spiritual development are coordinated and integrated. The committee nourishes and gives direction to the liturgical aspect of parish life, ensuring that parishioners are provided with opportunities to deepen their faith through a variety of of liturgical celebrations and prayer experiences.

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  • School Committee

    The Saint John Vianney School Committee is a standing committee of Saint John Vianney Parish which is accountable to Pastoral Council. The School Committee serves as an advisory body to the school administration of Saint John Vianney School on policy matters associated with the educational programs and governance of the school, including long range planning, coordination of the school budget, and advancement and marketing of the school.

    More information is located on the School Committee webpage of the SJV School website.

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  • Stewardship Committee

    Stewardship Committee monitors and reviews opportunities for parish members to share gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

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