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Parish Office

Photo of Robb Lied

Robb Lied

Director of Administrative Services

Photo of Angela Bravata

Angela Bravata

Dept. Director Liturgy, Communications & the Sunday Experience

Photo of Sharon Roberts

Sharon Roberts

Associate Director of Accounting and Human Resources

Photo of Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas

Associate Director of Development

Photo of Brittany McCollum

Brittany McCollum

Communications Coordinator

Photo of Paula Folda

Paula Folda

Parish Secretary

Photo of Valerie Pace

Valerie Pace

Parish Secretary

Photo of Cassandra DeLaurier

Cassandra DeLaurier

Communications and Liturgy Assistant

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Formation & Human Concerns

Photo of John Thompson

John Thompson

Department Director of Formation & Human Concerns

Photo of Dave Baudry

Dave Baudry

Director of Adult, Child and Youth Ministry

Photo of Janlyn Carvalho

Janlyn Carvalho

Associate Director of Adult, Child and Youth Ministry

Photo of Maria Schloemer

Maria Schloemer

Formation & Human Concerns Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Josh Chandra

Josh Chandra

Musician & Digital Support Specialist

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Pastoral Council

Photo of Randy Freeman

Randy Freeman

Pastoral Council Parish Trustee, Treasurer

Pam Pyzyk

Pastoral Council, Finance Council Liaison

Photo of Gregory Van Winkle

Gregory Van Winkle

Pastoral Council Chair

Andy Smith

Pastoral Council Secretary

Photo of Kathy Barutha

Kathy Barutha

Formation Committee Liaison

Photo of Duane McAllister

Duane McAllister

Pastoral Council Vice-Chair, Stewardship Liaison

Photo of Robert Scott

Robert Scott

Pastoral Council Parish Trustee, Secretary

Photo of Andy Stith

Andy Stith

Pastoral Council Finance Council Rep

Photo of Kathy Uy

Kathy Uy

Formation Liaison

Photo of John Sloane

John Sloane

School Committee Liaison

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Finance Council

Photo of Brian Schloemer

Brian Schloemer

Finance Council Chair

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