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Sacred Triduum Schedule

Day Time Streaming
Holy Thursday of the Lord’s Supper
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7:00 PM X
Good Friday
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3:00 PM X
Saturday Food Blessing
(Meet in the church with your food basket)
12:00 PM
Holy Saturday / Easter Vigil
*No 4:30 PM Mass, Mass must be after sundown.
8:00 PM
Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
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7:30 AM
9:00 AM (Church-Fr. Kornath) X
9:00 AM (Gym-Fr. Nwosu) Walk-in Availability
11:00 AM (Church-Fr. Nwosu)
11:00 AM (Gym-Fr. Kornath) Walk-in Availability

Rituals reference: The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Triduum Matrix (Catholic Comeback)

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Your Continued Support is Appreciated

Although public Masses are limited and many continue to worship at  home during this time, St. John Vianney is still open and needs your support.  Thank you to those that are continuing to financially support SJV, we are so thankful.  We humbly ask for the continued financial support of all our parishioners.  You can either mail us your envelopes or signup to donate online!  We understand that this may be a difficult time for many of our families, please know that you are in our prayers.