Future Planned Giving

Planned Giving represents a conscious decision on the part of the donor to recognize the blessings one has received from God and to give back in gratitude to further the mission and growth of the Church, through Saint John Vianney Parish.

From a practical perspective, a planned gift is a charitable contribution that takes into account the donor’s personal tax, financial and estate circumstances and goals. Planned giving can be a creative tool for making a special financial contribution to Saint John Vianney, while maximizing tax and related benefits for the donor and his or her heirs.

There are a variety of tools to assist you to plan for charitable giving. You can begin with your personal financial advisor or attorney to develop a plan that meets your financial, estate and charitable giving goals. Choose a gift plan that is right for you.

Additionally, your planned gift to Saint John Vianney may be channeled to specific areas within the parish for:

  • General Parish Needs
  • Liturgy and Worship
  • Human Concerns
  • Christian Formation
  • Parish Grad School
  • Building and Grounds
  • Endowment Fund

Planned Giving Options

  • Wills

    Your will is a way to be sure all of your property will go to family, relatives, friends, and organizations you care about most.

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  • Retirement Plan Assets

    Retirement accounts are a significant portion in most people's financial plans. Because these assets often represent a large portion of one's portfolio, it is natural to think of these assets when considering giving.

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  • Life Insurance

    For many individuals, a change in circumstances or the death of a beneficiary leaves them holding life insurance policies that may be a resource for giving.

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  • Trusts

    Contribute assets to Saint John Vianney while retaining the income those assets generate.

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  • Real Estate

    Primary residences, seasonal homes, commercial property, or farmland parcels, can be turned into a charitable gift.

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