Parish Trustees

Parishes in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee are incorporated under Wisconsin Statute sec 187.19. The parish corporation is a civil body created for legal purposes. It has authority and competence in civil and secular matters.

Trustees are members of the parish, at least 25 years of age, who are elected by parish members for a renewable two-year term. They serve until their successors take office. The trustees know the parish well and are involved in parish life in order to take on this responsibility.


Trustees are members of the legal corporation. The three parish members of the legal corporation, the pastor and two lay trustees, are ex-officio members of pastoral council. Trustees have the same responsibilities as Pastoral Council members, and they work from the same sense of shared leadership and responsibility. Their efforts reflect the common vision developed by the pastoral council. The ex-officio members participate fully and equally in decision making with other members of pastoral council.

Within the parish corporation, the pastor holds the position of vice-president; one lay trustee is designated as trustee-treasurer and the other as trustee-secretary.

The criteria for parish trustee are:

  • Trustees must be parish members, practicing Catholics and at least 25 years of age.
  • State statute requires that trustees be elected every two years by the parish to serve until their successors are elected. Electing a trustee in alternate years aids in continuity. The election of a trustee is different than parish council selection.
  • The trustee-treasurer is a member of the Finance Council.
  • The two lay parish trustees have the same qualities as pastoral council members and receive the same orientation to pastoral council. Once elected, trustees participate fully in pastoral council activities including retreats and days of reflection. Trustees may not hold office on the pastoral council nor serve as chairpersons of parish committees.

Current Trustee-Secretary:  Andy Stith (andystith@hotmail.com, C: (414-350-9046)

The trustee-secretary is responsible for corporate record keeping at Saint John Vianney Parish other than financial records, such as corporate minutes, documents, notices and correspondence.

The trustee-secretary ensures that parish records are kept on parish grounds in an easily accessible and orderly fashion. The trustee-secretary is responsible for maintaining records of property, property tax exemption, the parish inventory and parish census.

The Trustee-Secretary:

  1. Signs corporate documents and affixes the corporate seal.
  2. Records and files proxy documents and corporate reports as prescribed by federal, state, local and diocesan authorities.
  3. With the pastor, signs all checks as needed. (Checks must be signed by two authorized individuals).
  4. Assists in preparation of annual parish and diocesan reports.
  5. Maintains records of parish property and property tax exemptions, ensuring that originals are filed with the Diocese.

Current Trustee-Treasurer:  Randy Freeman (rlfreeman@icloud.com C: (262-844-7298)

The trustee-treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate and detailed accounts of receipts and disbursements for the parish. The trustee-treasurer’s responsibility is that of parish treasurer. Activities including care and custody of funds, assets, supervision of banking, credit, and insurance.

The Trustee-Treasurer:

  1. Oversees, coordinates or maintains accurate and detailed accounts of receipts and disbursements of parish funds following the reporting operations of the parish.
  2. Coordinates bank deposits of parish funds; is familiar with banking regulations.
  3. With the pastor, signs all checks for disbursements of parish funds as needed. (Checks are signed by two authorized individuals).
  4. Coordinates parish property and casualty insurance coverage under Diocesan Self-Insurance Program.
  5. Coordinates collection of parish contribution and special collections.
  6. Assists in preparation of annual parish budget.
  7. Oversees or assists in the preparation of financial reports of the parish and to the diocese.
  8. Serves as an ex-officio member of the Parish Finance Council.