Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is a vehicle for the parish to fulfill the pastoral mission of Jesus and the Church in a specific part of the Archdiocese. It does this by developing Catholic identity, promoting evangelization, and fostering stewardship. The Council shall strive to build a community of disciples who recognize their baptismal calls to lives of holiness, witness, and service. The Council engages in a continuous process of pastoral planning, which takes into account the needs and priorities of its parishioners, the Archdiocese, the broader community, and the world. The Council shall be the consultative and planning body in regards to pastoral activity except to the extent limited by faith and morals, church or civil law or Archdiocesan policy. The Council possesses a consultative vote only.

2018- 2019 Pastoral Council Members

Betsy Wellenstein – Pastoral Council Chair
Gregory Van Winkle- Pastoral Council Vice-Chair
JoAnn Cekanor- Pastoral Council Secretary
Robert Scott – Parish Trustee, Secretary
Randy Freeman – Parish Trustee: Treasurer

Andy Stith – Finance Council Liaison
Duane McAllister- Finance Council Liaison
Jamie Zdroik – School Committee Liaison
Kathy Uy- Stewardship Committee Liaison
Duane McAllister- Human Concerns Committee Liaison
Kathy Barutha – Formation Committee Liaison
Matt McCoy- Worship Committee Liaison

Associate Pastor