Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee, under the auspices of Human Concerns Committee acts as the outreach,of the parish. It discerns needs within the parish community and outside world and identifies resources to meet those needs by enlisting the active cooperation of parish members. This committee helps to fulfill the justice dimensions of scripture and our church tradition acknowledging that every Christian is called to service and to work for justice.

  • Outreach Committee meeting minutes are approved and posted to the website.

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  • Outreach Committee allocates funding for groups including, but not limited to parish members, Parish Council, Catholic Charities and Inter-faith caregivers.
    • Support those in the parish already involved in service to the poor, advocacy and justice education.
    • Monitor and make recommendations to Parish Council on issues pertaining to each of its subcommittees.
  • Membership on the committee is open to parish members. Contact the chair of the committee for more information. Outreach Committee generally meets quarterly. (Please consult the parish calendar to confirm date and room location).