Narthex Policy

Narthex Policy
1. The Narthex is primarily a pass through area and a place to sit, visit, and relax especially before and after Masses. It is not another meeting room or presentation hall for seminars or training sessions.
2. The use of the Narthex has to be scheduled. No outside organizations are allowed to use the Narthex. (AA is to remain in the Church Hall and meeting rooms in the Parish Center. NA is to remain in P209)
3. No events other than funeral wakes are allowed in the Narthex on Fridays, due to Eucharistic Adoration.
4. Funerals take precedence in usage of the Narthex. Funeral wakes will be in the Narthex, with light refreshments served at the café by volunteers. Funeral receptions will be in the Church Hall.
5. The Narthex is for light receptions, usually related to a Mass, like the welcome and farewell of clergy and staff, anniversaries, after All Souls evening Mass, the Easter Vigil, First Communion, Confirmation, the Missionary Cooperation Plan, the Santísimo Sacramento annual visit, and the like. Any activities involving complete meals will be in the Church Hall, not the Narthex.
6. Coffee and donuts after Mass may take place in the Narthex.
7. Fundraisers are to use the two welcome tables. There are to be no additional fundraising tables in the Narthex.
8. There will only be electronic bulletin boards in the Narthex. The Narthex tract and information racks will be on wheels. They will hold those flyers and pamphlets and also some posters will be displayed on them. There are to be no permanent displays in the Narthex. Posters/pictures on easels will be allowed for wakes and rarely on other occasions only with the explicit approval of a pastoral staff member. Nothing may be taped to the walls or the doors of the Narthex.
9. The Holy Water dispenser will remain in the Narthex.
10. There will be a food drop off closet in the Narthex which will remain unlocked. Food donations will be accepted there at any time.
11. The Café kitchen will normally be locked, however meal programs may drop off food in the Café kitchen when it seems fitting and then it will be unlocked for that time period.

Functions which were considered which are affected by this policy

  1. Canopy Events – Outside the main doors
    1. Blessing of the Animals
    2. Boy Scout Candy Bar Sale
    3. Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Sale
    4. Reverse Collection Food drop off
    5. Wreath Sale by Troop 71
  2. Celebrations for the Entire Parish – Meet and Greet
    1. 60th Anniversary Celebration
    2. Confirmation
    3. First Communion
    4. Missionary Cooperation Plan
    5. Parish Socials – One Sunday a Month
    6. RCIA Easter Vigil reception
    7. Santísimo Sacramento
    8. Welcoming and farewells of clergy and staff,…
  3. Fundraisers and solicitations in the Narthex
    1. Angel Tree
    2. Bids for Kids Raffle Ticket Sales
    3. Blood Drive sign up
      1. Boy Scout Troop 71
      2. Firm Believers
    4. Bread for the World Offering of Letters
    5. CRS Rice Bowl Collection
    6. Festival Raffle Ticket Sales and Volunteer Sign-up
    7. Girl Scout Cookie Sale
    8. Respect Life
      1. Coins for Babies
      2. Mother’s Day Rose Sale
    9. Rosalie Center of Pathfinders Collection
    10. SCRIP sales
  4. Prayer Related Receptions in the Narthex
    1. BEGIN Thanksgiving Prayer Service
    2. Calvary Lutheran Joint Prayer Service
    3. Funeral Wake Hospitality
    4. Mass of Hope & Healing Reception
    5. Wedding receiving line
  5. Meals for Church Events not to be held in the Narthex
    1. BEGIN Meetings usually once a year here
    2. CLN Report Out Time
    3. Confirmation Rite of Entry
    4. Family Faith Formation Program
    5. Joint Staff Meeting with Prince of Peace
    6. Parish Mission Refreshments
    7. RCIA Meetings
    8. RCIA Retreat Day Luncheon
    9. Staff lunches by Home and School
    10. Tri-Parish Joint Staff Meeting
    11. Young at Heart socials
  6. Outside Organizations not allowed to meet in the Narthex
    1. Al Anon
    2. Alcoholics Anonymous
    3. Archdiocesan and other Seminars and Training Sessions
    4. Narcotics Anonymous
    5. Receptions
    6. Women for Sobriety
  7. Special Events
    1. Sign up for Men’s Retreat
    2. Annual Calendar distribution