Love One Another

St. John Vianney is excited to introduce the Love One Another Campaign to our parish family! Love One Another will benefit St. John Vianney and the Archdiocese greatly. Sixty-percent of the funds from these pledges will go to St. John Vianney, while forty-percent of the funds pledged will go toward the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Our goal is to raise $2,518,981 in pledges payable over five (5) years from our parish families, and St. John Vianney will receive $1,511,389 of these funds if we are able to reach our goal. We humbly ask for your participation in the campaign.

How will Love One Another Benefit SJV?

-Ease the financial weight of our 2017 Narthex construction project loan balance. This will allow for greater financial flexibility, freeing-up money for SJV to invest in the programming and experience that help people explore their faith and develop a stronger relationship with God.

-Short-and-long-term capital improvements. This will allow SJV to address needed maintenance and repairs, such as necessary repairs to our roof, replace doorways to ensure church safety, replace halogen lighting to improve energy efficiency and save money, and safeguard SJV against future repairs and upgrades as theiy arise.

-Return to the pre-COVID level of outreach in our local and global community. This will allow SJV to return to a high level of support with our sister parish, Prince of Peace, in Milwaukee and our other sister parish, Santisimo Sacramento, in Piura, Peru, among other local causes.

How will Love One Another Benefit the Archdiocese of Milwaukee?

Our parish’s participation in the campaign, along with all 188 parishes in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, will meet the needs of our parish and support Catholic ministries in our 10 counties of southeastern Wisconsin by supporting:

-The poor and those in need
-Saint Francis de Sales Seminary
-Catholic schools
-Vital ministries throughout the Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Please click on the buttons above to view the full case study and information for the Love One Another Campaign. Click here to view the official campaign website.

How do I make a pledge?

-At SJV: Pledge forms are available in the parish office. Pledges can be fulfilled via check, credit card, or checking account withdrawals.

-Online: Click here to make a pledge online

Questions? Please click here to view frequently asked questions about the campaign.

Thank you very much for your interest in this important venture. If you have questions about the campaign, please reach out to Peter Thomas, Associate Director of Development, at petert@stjohnv.org.