Fitness, Athletics and Wellness

Nurture your health and your body. Stay fit and be your best self.

  • Group Exercise

    Saint John Vianney offers a unique exercise program called Firm Believers. This exercise group offers dance aerobic, yoga and Zumba in a fun format with a Christian angle. Firm Believers is open to men and women and can be adapted to any ability level.

    For more information on the overall ministry, visit the Firm Believers page.

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  • Youth Athletics

    Athletics is an active component of parish life at Saint John Vianney, bringing together children from SJV school and various area schools and age groups for a variety of sports.

    While volleyball, basketball and track are the 3 main sports, the Athletic Board has approved SJV’s participation in additional leagues.

    For more information, visit the Athletics section on the school website.

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