Family Friendly Homily | Children’s Offering to Christ | Music to Increase Participation


Beginning April 18th, St. John Vianney will be adding a few special things to the 11 AM Sunday Mass.  This mass is a wonderful way for families young and old to participate in prayer and worship together and all parishioners are welcome.  Whether you are a family of 1 or 10, you are welcome.  As parents, you are the “domestic church” and the first and strongest teachers and role models of the Catholic faith to your children. It is such a joyful blessing to bring your family to Jesus in the Eucharist and God in the sacraments and scripture every Sunday. 

The Family Mass provides several opportunities for grandparents, parents and children to actively celebrate Mass together. Look forward to family friendly music that encourages participation and family friendly homilies.  There will also be opportunities to teach your children about sharing their gifts with Christ.

Participating in this way helps children to develop an understanding and appreciation for the Mass and Catholic traditions. These Masses are a time to celebrate and support the families in our community. Please join us!

To get involved or for more information please contact Kay Freeman, at nwuwmom@aol.com, or Kay Curtis, at kcurtis02@yahoo.com.

Young people are encouraged to bring non-perishables to the baskets by the altar before Mass.

How can families participate?

1. Come to Mass and listen together to a family friendly homily.

2. Sing to music designed for participation for all.

3. Teach and encourage children to share what they have with Christ.  Children can bring their prayers (handwritten or drawn) , a non-perishable food or paper goods item for the SJV food pantry, or money they have earned from chores and place it in the offertory baskets on the altar before Mass.

4. Families can volunteer to “Prepare the Table for Christ” by setting out the two baskets in front of the altar before Mass.
Families can greet parishioners with kindness as they enter church.
Families can volunteer to move the donations from the altar after Mass to a designated place and return the baskets to storage.

5. Encourage others to come and join in!

Families work together to gather the donations.
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