Faith Seeking Healing

Parish members and guests are invited to be prayed over by a small group of fellow parishioners as part of our Faith Seeking Healing ministry. The prayer is for anyone who is sick or in pain from physical, emotional, or spiritual distress. There are no other requirements. Faith Seeking Healing Prayer takes place each week after 7 am Mass on Thursdays. Pre-prayer is recommended for participating ministers at 6:30 am in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

Praying for healing has been part of the Church from the very beginning. In fact, healing is the fruit of Jesus’ work and is integral and central to Christianity—a practical application of Jesus’ teaching. Healing is a sign of the kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit always present, always at work.
Develop Your Gift of Healing

If you wish to join this ministry, there are series of training sessions that you are required to take before beginning the ministry. In the past, all sessions were led by parishioner Margarett Schlientz, PhD, starting at 9:00 am (Mass at 8:00 optional) and concluding at 12:00 noon. There is a fee for each session.