Renewing Your Faith at Home

We are in unprecedented times as a world. With all community gatherings suspended until further notice, we still find ourselves in need of ministering to our youth, continuing to proclaim Christ and make disciples of our middle and high school teens.

Recommended Online Resources

The Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

Sunday, May 24 the church (that’s all of us!) celebrates the Ascension. So what does Ascension mean to us today?  In this brief podcast Fr. Dave talks about the Ascension in terms we can all easily relate to this time of year, as being a commencement, not a graduation.

Share the Good News

Picture yourself getting an “A” on a really tough test,
getting a hole-in-one, or taking a trip somewhere special.  Now picture yourself not being able to share
these experiences with anyone.  It would
kill half the pleasure!  What good are
any of these things if you can’t share them? 

In the same way, if Christ lives in you, then talking about
him should be as natural as talking about your unexpected “A”, the hole-in-one
or a special trip.  Yet it isn’t that
natural to speak out is it?  People don’t
want to “discuss religion.”  But that’s
exactly what Jesus asked his disciples to do, and what he asks us to do; not to
persuade, but to share thoughts and ideas. The early disciples were just ordinary
people like us, yet, with the help of the Holy Spirit, they turned the world
upside down!  They shared the exciting
message of Jesus Christ with others!  Maybe
you can too through your actions, in spoken or sung word, your art, etc.!

Is music your thing? Here His message is shared in song. Enjoy!

May is the Month of Mary

Why May? Historians aren’t exactly sure why May was chosen to honor Mary, but many believe that May being the month when spring is in full bloom has a lot to do with it. May is the height of spring–gardens everywhere are alive with blooming flowers and trees are filling their branches with leaves. This new beginning and new birth in nature reminds us of the life Mary gave to Jesus. Without Mary giving birth to Jesus, all the events that followed: Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection wouldn’t have happened. So, it’s believed that May (when nature is showing signs of life) is the ideal month to honor the woman who gave life to our Savior.  Of course, there’s also the ancient connection to the Greek goddess of fertility, Artemis, and the Roman goddess of bloom and blossoms, Flora, which were celebrated in May and led Christians to adopt May as the month to honor the Mother of Jesus.

So, it’s the Month of
Mary—so what you might say?
it’s a time of giving special honor to Mary.

There are many ways to do that from something as simple as saying the Hail Mary every day to praying the Rosary.  Not sure how to say the Rosary, or can’t remember which mysteries to say which day?  Here’s a pdf on How to Say the Rosary:  

Or you can tune in to Relevant Radio, 100.1 FM, or online to join with thousands of others praying it at the same time.

Catholic During COVID-19

This blog by Leah Murphy, Life Teen’s director of digital evangelization, gets to the root of what it means to be Catholic in an era of COVID-19.

Bishop Barron on the Coronavirus Quarantine

For a philosophical take on the quarantine, Bishop Barron is
the best. Could this be a Pascalian moment for Catholics? Bishop Barron has the
answer in this fourteen-minute video along with some wonderful recommendations
for further reading, including a brief description of the book that changed his
life at age sixteen.