We desire to continue to accompany you in your faith journey during this CoVID19/coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of the best Catholic content on the internet for you to enjoy!

Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

Ascension is when, as Fr. Dave puts it in this podcast, Jesus shared his “strategic plan” with the Apostles.  Listen as Fr. Dave explains the meaning of the Ascension and its message, not only for Jesus’ early disciples, but also for us today.

Love and the Little Prince in the Age of Social Distancing

Although the title of this podcast from Colin MacIver, husband, dad, teacher, youth minister, musician and content creator for Ascension Press is given with our current situation in mind, it is a message for all time–for anytime.  Listen as he reflects on this line from the book, “The Little Prince.” “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” What can that mean to us? 

Saint Paul VI, Pope—Feast Day, May 29

Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini was born on
September 26, 1897, in Concesio, Italy. Ordained in 1920, he spent many years
working in the Vatican Secretariat of State. While there, he organized the
Vatican’s massive relief work for political refugees during World War II.  After being named “Pro-Secretary of State” in
1952, Montini was appointed Archbishop of Milan the following year and became
known as the “archbishop of the workers” for his efforts to win disaffected
workers back to the Catholic Church.  He revitalized the diocese, preaching the
Gospel’s social message and promoting both Catholic education and the Catholic

Pope John XXIII named Montini a cardinal in 1958, and soon after
announced the Second Vatican Council. 
During the Council, however, Pope John XXIII died, and the
well-respected Montini was elected on June 21, 1963, to succeed him, taking the
name Paul VI.  He committed himself to
continuing the work begun by John XXIII, holding another three sessions of the
Council, overcoming resistance to implement reforms in the areas of liturgy,
Church governance, and attitudes of Catholics toward other religions. He worked
hard to ensure that the bishops would approve the Council’s 16 documents with
overwhelming majorities.

Pope Paul VI stunned the world by visiting the Holy
Land in January 1964, and meeting Athenagoras, the Ecumenical Patriarch of
Constantinople in person. The pope made eight more international trips,
including one in 1965, to visit New York City and speak on behalf of peace
before the United Nations General Assembly. He also visited India, Columbia,
Uganda, and seven Asian countries during a 10-day tour in 1970. He was the
first Pope to travel outside of Europe earning him the title of” the pilgrim Pope.”

Paul VI wrote seven encyclicals. His papacy and writings aimed
constantly at working toward lasting justice and peace.  He brought a message of human rights, human
dignity, and human development to the world.

 Pope Paul VI died at
Castel Gandolfo on August 6, 1978, and was buried in St. Peter’s Basilica. He
was beatified on October 19, 2014 and canonized on October 14, 2018.

Perhaps his most well-known quote is:  “If you want peace, work for justice.”       

Praying through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Click here for a simple three-part prayer service led by St. John Vianney’s Liturgy Department.

Fr. Mike Schmitz, Campus Minister at the University of Minnesota-Duluth answers questions about the Catholic Faith.

During difficult times we are moved to pray, but words don’t always come easily. This simple, three-part format for prayer is offered for individuals, families, and online groups who wish to pray about – and through -COVID-19 pandemic.

During this time of distancing and separation, it is important to remember that we are always united as members of the Body of Christ, especially when we pray, and in communion with the saints, who continue to intercede on our behalf.
Click here for the full prayer guide with all options.
Click here for the sample prayer service recorded in this video.

Caffeinated Conversations

A great series for parents! Maria Mitchell grabs coffee with different Catholics to talk about varies topics.

TRIDUUM: A Spiritual Pilgrimage

A beautiful, 30-minute contemplative documentary that cinematically walks through the locations of the Holy Week story.

Rediscover the Genius of Catholicism

Dynamic Catholic originally created DECISION POINT as a confirmation program, but it’s actually great for anyone and everyone. With 72 free streaming video segments, you’ll find tons of practical and inspiring messages from Matthew Kelly as he talks about the best way to live.

For Spouses: Take Your Marriage to the Next Level

If you have extra time together with your spouse, take advantage of it—experience Dynamic Catholic’s BETTER TOGETHER Marriage Enrichment Inventory! Plus, they have over 72 video segments with tips, encouragement and wisdom from a panel of incredible speakers.

Every Day Encouragement & Inspiration

Dynamic Catholic has dozens of articles written just for you and your family, broken down into helpful categories (including work and career, marriage and sexuality, and money matters!). Find advice, encouragement and inspiration designed to help you live your best life. When you’re browsing these articles, think of someone in your life who might need to read it too!


Magnificat is a monthly spiritual guide designed for daily use that offers beautiful prayers for both morning and evening drawn from the treasures of the Liturgy of the Hours. In addition, it has the official texts of daily Mass, meditations written by spiritual giants of the Church, essays on the lives of the saints, and articles giving valuable spiritual insight into masterpieces of sacred art. A one-year subscription normally is $47.00. Due to the ongoing public health crisis, Magnificat has generously agreed to offer its content online for free for a limited time. To register for free access in English, visit www.magnificat.com/free.