Baptism Presenters

The Catholic Church recognizes the significance of Baptism — one of the Sacraments of Initiation—very seriously. As parents transition into faith sharers, they are welcomed to learn and grow in their faith journey by attending baptism preparation sessions.

Parents are required to attend classes before having their babies baptized. The course allows the parents to understand the grace of the Holy Spirit and the sacramental responsibilities they undertake when they baptize their child.

Often during pregnancy and the birth of a child, parents experience a renewed interest in their own faith journey.  Attending the class provides an opportunity to meet fellow parishioners who are also exploring their faith with renewed interest.

Who is better at sharing the joys of raising Catholic children today than our own parishioners? Husband and wife teams lead the Baptism Conference preparation sessions together.

My husband and I are baptism presenters together.  We enjoy this ministry of welcoming the birth of a new child and sharing the faith with couples as they begin the adventure of parenthood. And, we get the added joy of meeting other young parents in the parish who are also having babies. ~ SJV Baptism Presenters

Baptism Presenters (Couples)

Frequently, couples who lead the Baptism Conference sessions are parents or grandparents. They are parishioners who are living out their own Baptism by serving others in the Church.

There is generally a need for new couples who are willing to be trained and to lead Baptism Conference sessions. Often, couples only need to lead a session three times a year.


Each month (except for the month of Easter) Saint John Vianney offers one class, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday evening. The Baptism Presenters (the husband and wife couple) arrive one-half hour earlier to set up the room and prepare the sharing. Presenters have access to instructional videos and a reference guide. These materials assist the presenters in sharing the beautiful significance of baptism and help them answer any questions about baptism.

Often, lasting friendships are made from the time you spend together during this class.

For more information, contact a representative in the Christian Formation office.