Trust God – Five Part Pastor Series

Trusting God in all of our commitments helps us to grow spiritually. Committing to a marriage, a job, a friendship allows us to grow. Enrolling in a a class in a foreign language or dance classes or martial arts and following through helps us to grow in our ability to do those things.

Likewise we come to mature as Christians, in Christ-likeness by the commitments we make and keep. In this series we will look at the power of trusting God with all of our obligations and the dedicated steps we invite people to take as a church. The habits we need to practice over and over again.

Commit to a life-long journey of spiritual growth. We will talk about both the commitments and the benefits of those commitments. One can’t be engaged in everything but it is important to be dedicated to the right things.

Join us in person at Mass or online
for our Five-part Pastor Series
beginning October 17-18, 2020.

To watch all of the videos on the Pastor’s Series, please click here.