Scrip: Fundraising While You Shop (Due Each Monday)

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Scrip orders are due to the parish office by 8:30 am on Mondays. 

When SJV family and friends takes advantage of scrip program, SJV earns money when these family and friends simply make their regular household purchases. But instead of paying with cash or credit, they use prepaid gift cards from America’s favorite and most trusted retailers.

Scrip is a national gift certificate fundraising program. Consumers purchase scrip gift card(s) at face value. The retailer sells cards to Saint John Vianney School at a discounted rate, allowing SJV to keep the difference between the face value of the card and the price at which the cards were purchased by the organization. For example, the Pick ‘n’ Save gift card valued at $100 has a 4% donation rate. When this card is purchased through Scrip, $4 is donated to Saint John Vianney. When this gift card is redeemed at a Pick ‘n Save store, the value of received merchandise is $100

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