Preparation for Youth Confirmation

Confirmation is normally celebrated during the junior year of high school. Students in 11th or 12th grades are invited to participate in this process. The candidates are challenged and called to make a commitment to life as a disciple of Christ. This process provides a framework for the candidate to explore their beliefs and questions regarding faith and the church. Specific requirements and guidelines are gone over at an orientation meeting on September 12th at 6:15pm in Church.

Archdiocese of Milwaukee guidelines state that students preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation must be in their junior year of high school and/or 16 years old at the time they are confirmed.  The “remote” preparation would be two previous years of religious instruction, or their equivalent. That means that students who wish to prepare for Confirmation should be involved in their parish Christian Formation programs or in theology classes in a Catholic high school for their freshman and sophomore years. To register: please check our Parish website for the registration form or call the Christian Formation at 262-796-3944.