Online Stewardship Commitment Form and FAQs

It’s stewardship renewal time and WE ARE grateful for all of you who came forward this past weekend.  If you did not return your commitment form yet, please … we need to hear from you! Stewardship renewal is an annual occurrence — part of the rhythm of parish life at all parishes, including St. John Vianney.  Just as the Church proposes a time of spiritual renewal each Lent, we believe in the importance of a yearly examination of commitment. When a parish emphasizes stewardship, it isn’t primarily to increase “volunteerism” or to swell the budget.  Rather, the first aim of a stewardship parish is always the “good of the giver.”  It’s not because the parish has needs, but because we have a need to give.  In the end, the model Steward is Jesus, who indeed gave all, even His very life, so that we may have everything.

Is the Lord asking you to give more time, talent, or treasure to St. John Vianney parish this year?
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Please bring your completed commitment form to the parish office or complete the form online.  We thank you for all the ways you live a stewardship way of life!

Common Questions & Answers About Our Stewardship Renewal
How do I use my Commitment Card?
Your commitment card allows you to make commitments to prayer, parish ministries, and offertory giving. It is designed to be used by the whole family. Time Section: Except for the ill and homebound, everyone should be able to check “Come to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.” Try to check at least a few other items. Daily prayer should be a priority for every person trying to grow closer to God. Talent Section: You can either sign up for new ministries or re-commit to your current ministries. Be sure to write your first name next to the ministry! This is especially important if the card is being used by more than one person. Treasure Section: Clearly print how much money you plan to give each week or month to our parish. Try to take a step toward giving five percent of your income to St. John Vianney.  Using Faith Direct provides a convenient way to budget and provide a consistent gift.

My age or physical limitations prevent me from being active in the parish. Should I still turn in a commitment card?
Yes! The first section of the card — Stewardship of Time — is the most important because it allows you to make commitments to prayer. Even if you can’t join a ministry or make it to Mass on Sunday, you can still pray for our parish. Your spiritual support has tremendous value in our eyes and in the eyes of God.

One time I turned in a card, but no one ever called me when I signed up for a ministry.
If this happened in the past, please forgive us! And don’t give up on filling out your commitment card! We have a very good plan to call every person interested in joining a new ministry. If for some reason the ministry leader does not contact you within four weeks of turning in your card, let the parish office know or reach out to them on your own.  Each chair’s email and phone number are listed in the Stewardship Brochure, and you are always welcome to contact me.

How much should I give?
Your gift is entirely dependent on how much God has given you. At St. John Vianney, we ask that you give five percent to our parish and 5 percent to other charities. Why a percentage of income? First, because the tithe (10 percent) is a Scriptural benchmark that the Church has honored for centuries (see Malachi 3:10). Secondly, we give a percentage of income because it is a common-sense standard by which everyone can equitably support the parish. Most of all, we give because we believe God comes first in everything, even finances. If you have not been giving regularly, perhaps start with an amount you can consistently give, even $5 – $10 a week.

What if I can’t fulfill my financial pledge?
While our pledge is not a “contract,” we should all make a good-faith effort to fulfill it. Of course, if your financial circumstances change — if you lose your job, for instance — then the amount of money you give the Church will change, too. Likewise if you get a raise or bonus. The biggest reason many people don’t fulfill their pledge is that they attend Mass at another parish when they go on vacation, attend a wedding, etc. If you’re out of town, just make up for the missed Sunday when you write your next check to the parish. Using your envelopes is a good way to see which Sundays you missed.   Or, consider using Faith Direct to provide an automatic payment every week or month.

I don’t even go to Mass very frequently. Why turn in a Commitment Card?
Because this is your chance to turn over a new leaf! Why not make a commitment to God to come to Mass every Sunday, and then write down that commitment? Even if that’s the only commitment you make, take a step forward. Jesus Himself is waiting for you! We’re looking forward to seeing you too!

What happens if I don’t return my Commitment Card?
We will send a reminder letter that includes an extra Commitment Card (in case you misplaced yours) and the link to respond online. Make every effort you can to participate. Our stewardship renewal is a very important annual event in the life of our parish. You and your family are part of what makes St. John Vianney a great community! Most importantly, your commitments are actually promises to Christ Himself. All of us are called to give back to God a portion of what He has given us. Thank you again for your membership at St. John Vianney Parish.  Please contact me if you have any questions.