2022 Financials in Review

2022 Financials in Review



This fiscal year was the most unusual of years in many ways. We transitioned out of a timeframe filled with COVID limitations, changes, and disciplines back towards normal operations. We produced fiscal results that were positive from a collective basis but produced in a highly unusual manner. Offertory was significantly below expectations– $378,000 below budget and $309,000 below the prior year– but Pandemic Assistance, recognized in the “other income” section in the full report, resulted in net income and a more stable parish financial position. The results of Operations for the two years ended on June 30th, 2022, and 2021 are shown here. We apologize for the delay in distributing these results as we have been waiting for the Archdiocese approval of our statement, which was only recently received.

Over the course of the year two Pandemic Assistance grants were taken into income, technically recognized as Equity increases to the Parish. The first was a PPP #2 loan of $576,005 that was received in January 2021 that was fully forgiven in May 2022. The second was some ERC, Employee Retention Credits, in the amount of $614,771, that were received in this fiscal year. That assistance was to go towards keeping operations running and employees on staff during those challenging times, which we were able to accomplish. Those funds are reflected at the bottom of the income statement.

Capital expenditures of $216,848 were made over the course of the year. Ten HVAC RTU’s (roof top units) totaling $68,349 replaced some 20+ year old units, $35,265 was spent on LED lighting to finish the church changeover and to replace the remaining non-LED parking lot and entry fixtures, $55,846 was spent on carpet replacement, iPads and Roller shades for the school – from the prior year Bids for Kids funds raised, and $57,388 was spent on a variety of items that had put off in prior years.

Shown below are ten charts depicting Revenues and Costs of the Parish, the School, Athletics, and Home and School, all of the integral pieces of the Congregation of St. John Vianney. If you have questions or would like to discuss this in more detail, please feel free to contact me, Robb Lied Director of Administrative Services, and I’ll be happy to spend some time with you. Mark Czarnecki, the Finance Council Chair, is also available for questions.

Details and charts are available here.