Shamrock Virtual Learning Hub

Do you want to learn more about how our fabulous school is handling Virtual Learning during this pandemic?

Take a look at the new Virtual Learning webpage  that is intended as the roadmap for when traditional face-to-face instruction is not possible.  This plan includes all grades K3-8 and outlines expectations, processes and procedures for a fluid transition to virtual learning at SJV.

Our teachers plan high quality learning activities and continue student/teacher relationships for ALL students, whether sharing real or virtual spaces.  As we know, in Catholic education, positive relationships between teachers and students is at the heart of the learning experience. Students not only advance in content knowledge through good instruction, but Catholic school teachers also reinforce virtue and model Christian way of life as they engage with their students.  Our SJV teachers care for the soul, the heart and the mind of their students, in person and/or through virtual opportunities. 

We recognize that not all of our students have equal or consistent access to the Internet, which needs to be considered when planning for a long-term closing.  We have the responsibility to plan equitable experiences for ALL students.  Parents are urged to contact administration if technological concerns arise that may prohibit equal access to learning under this model of education.

Please be assured, we want all of our children and families to feel safe and keep as much normalcy as possible during a prolonged school closure.  At St. John Vianney Catholic School, we will continue to place ourselves in the shoes of our students and families to imagine what they may be thinking and feeling as we plan.

Finally, we must remember that this moment in Spring 2020 has arrived because of a serious health crisis – and we must remember that our most important priority is wellness and taking good  care of our health and that of those we love! While important, virtual learning is a temporary and alternative model of education. It serves us as an effective tool for continuing learning when we are not able to engage with students in our primary and preferred model.  The SJV Leadership team wants to assist in any way possible to help students, families, faculty and staff to stay healthy, positive, and continue learning!