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Father EdThank you for visiting our website! The St. John Vianney parish mission statement says we are a “…welcoming Catholic Faith community.” Our society is so impersonal these days that community can be lost. How nice it is to come to a faith nurturing parish that is warm, friendly, affirming and pulsing with life. I have experienced this at St. John Vianney parish; I pray you experience it, too.

Our mission statement says that we are “experiencing Christ in our lives through the Gospel, Sacraments, and lifelong faith formation.” When we live the Good News of the Gospel, as well as all of scripture, and celebrate the sacraments with depth and meaning we then grow as intentional disciples of Jesus Christ. As disciples of our Lord, we are grateful for all God’s blessings and graces. This is the heart of stewardship which is the third article of our mission statement. We give thanks to God through our time, talents and treasure.

Lastly, we, as a faith community, are “…serving God’s people to reveal the presence of Christ in our community.” We serve other’s needs because we realize the importance of faith in action.

There are over 7,000 registered parishioners at St. John Vianney’s and many more people who are affiliated with us in some way. I pray you will feel the spirit of Christ here. Our pastoral staff, support staff, active members, and I all look forward to meeting you personally as that opportunity presents itself.

Very Rev. Edwin Kornath

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Garden Gala - March 4, 2023

Bids for Kids is St. John Vianney’s biennial auction. This year’s theme is Garden Gala, “Sowing the seeds today because we believe in tomorrow.” All proceeds go towards St. John Vianney School. This year's Bids for Kids auction will be at the Brookfield Conference Center, March 4, 2023. All are welcome - come join the fun!


Bids for Kids – Early Bird Pricing

Take advantage of Early Bird pricing and buy your Garden Gala tickets now! Bids for Kids is a wonderful event that supports our parish school!

Coins for Babies

Bottles will be distributed on January 7th and 8th. Bottle drop off will be on January 21st and 22nd.

Novena in Memory of Pope Benedict XVI

The entire Church mourns the death of our Emeritus Holy Father, Benedict XVI. This novena has been prepared to help pray for the Pope Emeritus during this time.
2022 Financials in Review

2022 Financials in Review

Click here for complete details on the 2022 Fiscal Year End Financials.