Worship Committee

The Worship Committee is a forum where programs, resources and services for community worship and spiritual development are coordinated and integrated. The committee nourishes and gives direction to the liturgical aspect of parish life, ensuring that parishioners are provided with opportunities to deepen their faith through a variety of liturgical celebrations and prayer experiences.


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2017 – 2018 Worship Committee Members


  • Current Members:

    Diane Scott, Chair
    Gerry Offenbacher, Vice-Chair
    Pat Butler, Secretary
    Duane McAllister, Pastoral Council Liaison

    Katie Vitalbo, Environment Representative
    Kay Freeman, Eucharistic Minister Representative
    Lee Crooks, Hospitality Minister Representative
    Matt Fricker, Lector Representative
    Cathy Raspanti, Music Representative
    Jack Brockschlager, Sacristan Representative

    Demy Anfang, Member-at-large
    Mary Lopez, Member-at-large
    Cari Schneider, Member-at-large
    Camille Wildes, Member-at-large

    Ex Officio Members:

    Associate Pastor
    Director of Liturgy and Music
    Associate Director of Liturgy and Music

    The committee consists of three at-large members of the parish and representatives from each of the seven liturgical ministries. Ordinarily, at-large members of the committee shall serve a term of three years.

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  • Responsibilities include:

    • Foster the ongoing spiritual development of parish members.
    • Foster the full and active participation of the assembly in liturgy.
    • Ensure well-prepared, inclusive faith celebrations.
    • Provide opportunities for parishioners to deepen their faith through liturgical celebrations and other prayer experiences.
    • Identify the spiritual growth needs of parishioners.
    • Provide for ongoing education and formation in matters of liturgy for the assembly, presiders, all liturgical ministers, catechists and teachers.
    • Promote the development of church ministries, both clerical and lay.
    • Provide opportunities for the liturgical and spiritual support of leadership groups, especially the Pastoral Council.
    • Encourage and support opportunities for interfaith cooperation, understanding and prayer.
    • Determine budget priorities in the areas of the committee’s responsibilities and make recommendations to the Pastoral Council through the Finance Council.
    • Implement the recommendations of the Archdiocesan Office for Prayer and Worship.