Human Concerns Committee

The Human Concerns Committee acts as the outreach, service and social justice arm of the parish. It discerns needs within the parish community and outside world and identifies resources to meet those needs by enlisting the active cooperation of parish members. This committee helps to fulfill the justice dimensions of scripture and our church tradition acknowledging that every Christian is called to service and to work for justice.

Human Concerns Committee Guidelines>>

2017- 2018 Human Concerns Members

  • Jean Warner, Chair
    Kathy Rave,Vice Chair
    Lisa Forman, Secretary
    Kathy Barutha, Pastoral Council Liaison
    Judy Hickey
    Chip O’Dell
    Marian Ostrowski
    Chuck Potter
    Debbie Potter
    Andy Stith

    Ex-officio Members

    Associate Paster
    Director of Human Concerns

    In addition to the ex officio members and subcommittee liaisons, the committee consists of six to ten at-large members who serve a term of three years, with one successive renewal term allowed if the committee so discerns.

  • Human Concerns Committee meeting minutes are approved and posted to the website.

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  • Responsibilities include:

    • Help educate parishioners on social justice issues and Catholic social teaching.
    • Help parishioners to get involved and take action on issues relating to poverty, hunger, justice, peace, healthcare and homelessness on local, national and international levels.
    • Develop a parish-wide consciousness of social problems in the community and the world.
    • Involve others in actively accepting the responsibility of their Baptism to help people in need and work for justice.
    • Support those in the parish already involved in service to the poor, advocacy and justice education.
    • Work with community groups and other parishes and denominations to carry out its responsibilities.
    • Oversee and advise parish organizations regarding financial procedures, records and reports.
    • Monitor and make recommendations to Parish Council on issues pertaining to each of its subcommittees.
    • The Outreach Subcommittee makes recommendations with respect to financial contributions to be made by the parish to outside organizations deemed to fulfill the ministries and values of St. John Vianney parish. View the Outreach Committee webpage.