Peru News – Rains and Flood Relief for Peru

An Update Letter and Photos from Ginet Ambulay, Head of Staff at Santisimo Sacramento – March 31, 2017


This morning we went together with Luis, Rebecca and Father Jose to visit our brothers and sisters in Monte Castillo

Before we went to visit this place, we stop in our shelters  … to the date …Retirement house in San Jacinto (248 people), Pabellon in La Legua (108 people) and Women Shelter “Casa de Maria” (26) .. All these people are from Catacaos, they have lost everything and have been in need of leaving their homes to seek shelter.  Catacaos, is the city near to Piura, the have a famous art and craft market, where many of the missionaries visit this place on Sundays when they are here.

And there was much activity, many things to do and coordinate. Our Staff workers like Fanny, Edith, Jackie, Veronica, Kathie, Martin Garay, Gissela, Percy, Juan Carlos and Martin Nima are distributed in these places coordinating and organizing the work. They do not come to our Parish, they stay there am and pm helping the people. They go home to sleep during the nights. Please add your especial prayers for them. The other Staff workers are here in the parish caring for the different people who come to the parish to ask for help.

I found a pregnant woman in our Retirement house in San Jacinto’s nursing area … ready to give birth. Her husband Richard told me a story …..He still has tears in remembering these moments..   that broke my heart …He remembered how it was the day they left their town with water up to their necks. Richard took two twin daughters on his shoulders. And Karina, the pregnant wife almost 9 months was carrying her 6-year-old son in her shoulders, too. They walked until they reached a safe and dry area. 

They have chosen the name for the baby girl “Esperanza Jacinta (Hope Hyacinth) .. I asked why these names? He said “Hope” because hope is the last thing that is lost. And “Hyacinth” in an honor to the town San Jacinto where he welcomed them. Then the name for this baby girl is Esperanza Jacinta ;-)

Yesterday it rained in Piura, but to be honest (I thought as I live in the city that it did not rain much .. very silly of me) … all the way after San Jacinro towards Monte Castillo was full of mud and much traffic, this made me nervous because the only way was to go to the side of a canal … full of water. Thank God Father Jose is a good driver.

Then, after driving very carefully we arrived at the desolate town … village of Monte Castillo. A lot of sadness, pain, despair ….. very hungry because people do not have to eat. It is difficult to reach these places. Many families have also had to leave their homes because their homes are full of water

We bring food and water packages for them. People very grateful for the visit and the gifts. We pray in many houses.

Also Father Jose gave the Holy Oils to the lady Maria Agustina, she is very sick and unfortunately no doctors are available, also the local clinic of the town premises are full of water.

We talked with the people bringing a message of hope and encouragement, helping them to understand that in the support they were receiving, there was present the loving action of God who never forgets His children especially in the difficult and hard times like the one we are living .

Thank you very much, thank you very much for all your love and economic support .. there are so many needs taking care of so many people in our shelters that for sure your money is being used in good and many ways.

The weather channel informs to the people of Piura that between the April 02 until the dawn of 04 of April will be registered rains of moderate to strong intensity. These precipitations will be presented during the afternoon and evening and will be accompanied by electric shocks and wind gusts.

We all trust God and is good to know that we can trust in you, too ;-)


Ginet Ambulay


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Rains and Flood Relief for Peru

The coast of Peru has been experiencing heavy rains and flooding due to a “coastal El Nino” weather system affecting the country.  Fr. Joe Uhen, pastor of our sister parish Santisimo Sacramento, has informed us that the poor served by his parish have been severely impacted by these rains and flooding.  The families served by the Santisimo Sacramento Family to Family program live in poorly built homes with dirt floors, bamboo mat walls and sometimes thatched roofs.  These heavy rains have damaged the homes, caused flooding in the homes and many families have lost most of their belongings or are living with all their belongings being continuously wet.  Stores and markets are running out of food and families need emergency food deliveries to feed their families.

St. John Vianney wants to help our Peruvian brothers and sisters with financial aid to help build roofs or repair damaged homes, provide food packages and help those most in need of care. During this season of Lent and almsgiving, we are asking for your help to aid the poor.  We are accepting cash, checks (made payable to St. John Vianney) and credit card donations thru Faith Direct to send to Fr. Joe and assist with the flood and rain relief efforts.  We have a very generous SJV parishioner who is willing to match all donations up to $10,000.  Please note “Peru Flood Relief” on any donations.

Above all, please pray for those suffering from the rains in Peru.  Your prayers are a powerful gift and resource for those in need.  Thank you for helping those who are living in difficult circumstances.  For any questions, please contact Julie Beres at 262-349-9152.

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